Friday, 8 July 2011

The Balance of Life in the Internet Age

Evolution: Towards a LONELIER future? Or a future ALONE!!
As evolution takes mankind further and further away from being a social animal and  makes mankind move towards households which are self-contained, economies which are self-sustaining and as the internet spreads far and wide to the remotest locations, Mankind’s urge to be part of a social setup and to have co-humans physically present closeby slowly and gradually diminishes. It is this action whose equal and opposite reaction ensures that we are moving into a cycle and investing into a phenomenon which feeds ‘loneliness’. However, we need to strongly bring about a distinction here between Lonely and Alone, because the two terms are used inter changeably a lot of times, without really understanding the distinction. People in New York are not alone – they just stay lonely. People in Mumbai are not lonely – they just stay alone.
The term Evolution has been defined first and foremost by Darwin to connote a process where transformation happens from one state of being to another, the latter being more suitable to not just survive but nearly dominate the set of circumstances that prevail at that time. Taking the same logic ahead hereon, it will depend on how we evolve our future social and capitalist structures that will decide the fate of our so called Evolution. If there is anything that will play the most important part in this journey of ours, it will be the internet.
Today a child needs a micro-processor enabled device before he even knows the importance of education. Socialization has taken a digital form, and children probably get to know a lot more about their facebook buddies than they know about their next door neighbour. What does all this mean for us? As carpenters and electricians are fixed an appointment for on the internet what results is that today’s  average human being ends up spending a lot more time on the internet than he does anywhere else. And therefore we need to somewhere remember: too much of anything is bad. The Ying-Yang rules and balance is the key!

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